About Us

It’s a simple question: why do we innovate? We innovate to offer you the best experience. To empower you and make you feel confident like never before. To equip you with a one-stop beauty solution that you can use from the comfort of your home.

There are many reasons why we innovate. Each is unique and meaningful than the other. That's why we’re on a mission to step forward and help you look your best. To empower you to roam around with perfect curls while staying away from hair damage.

That’s why our heatless curlers are here to bestow you with beautiful and gentle curls.

You can simply wrap your hair around the curling ribbon and braid it as hard or as soft to get the curls you were after.

And hey! Whatever we’re doing isn’t about us…It’s actually about you!

Over the years, we’ve heard from women and experienced ourselves that iron hair curlers are cruel to hair as they cause breakage and split ends.

One day, we pledged to ourselves “we’ll find a better solution,” and from that day, we started looking for a better alternative that can grant you the perfect curls while ensuring hair health.

After months of effort, we found heatless hair curlers as an optimal replacement for iron hair curlers.

Though we didn’t stop there and started searching for the best of the heatless hair curlers that are 100% safe to use and offer dream curls.

The moment we got the best hair curlers that offer two unique designs – heart and cube and are of supreme quality, we fist punched–all in excitement.

And now, you can get the supreme quality curlers that keep your hair from damaging.